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Comprehensive Guide To Refinish The SPC Floors


Beautiful and functional are the two adjectives that define SPC flooring perfectly. However, homeowners who have installed hardwood or Stone Polymer composite flooring know that they have to refinish SPC floors. The material will last a lifetime, especially when you buy from us at Win-Tel. But if you want to maintain the same beauty and glory of the flooring, you can't deny that a little bit of re-work is essential. 

What is refinishing?

SPC FLooring

Refinishing the flooring is like resetting the floor. The uppermost layer of the SPC flooring is the finish. And this acts as a protective shield to guard the lower layers against damage. Refinishing involves the removal of the complete finish of the floor and laying down a new layer of the finish. Sanding is one of the crucial steps of refinishing that ensures that the scratches and dents are not visible anymore.

When to Plan to Refinish

Maximum homeowners ask us how to determine whether the floor needs refinishing or not. We share the basic information that helps to detect whether the SPC floors need refinishing. 

1. Major and visible scratches

2. Gouges or deep dents

3. Water damage

4. Deep stains that you can't remove

5. Discoloration or fading owing to exposure to sun rays. 

Refinishing helps to restore the old glory of the SPC flooring. 

Prepare for refinishing

Before you start the process, it's important to prepare the flooring for the job. Perform the basic works like removing furniture and carpets present on the floor. Hammer down all the protruding nails and remove all debris from the floor. You should also secure the loose flooring parts before starting to refinish SPC floors.

How to refinish?

The professionals will begin by pulling up the shoe base molding along the meeting point of the wall and floor. 


Sanding is the process to remove all scratches and stains from the SPC floors. The professionals use tools to perform the task, you can use the drum sander or the belt sander to do the job.  Once this part is over, you have to sweep and vacuum the flooring for dust removal. 

Sanding edges and corners

Using a floor edger, you can sand the corners and small areas like the floors of closets and bathrooms. The professionals can handle the edges properly. For the smallest sections on the floor, you can use scrapers and sandpapers of 80 to 100 grits. 


Screen sanding is a significant step as you start to refinish SPC floors. The process aids in sanding the minor undulations on the surface. If the buffer swings too much. So handle it accordingly. 

Remove the dust

Once the sanding part is over, you have to thoroughly sweep and vacuum the flooring and follow up the process for removing all the dust. If there is dust and hair, there can be imperfections.

Applying the wooden stain

If you want to improve the color of the SPC floors, you have to apply a stain. Choose the stain appropriately depending on the desired color. Use the foam applicators to apply the stain.  Always apply the stain in the direction of the floor grains. And don’t aim to cover a very large area at once. You should also keep on removing the excess stains a few minutes after application.

Apply the finish

And now comes the most important step. Choose the protective coat that you will use to refinish. The water-based polyurethanes dry quickly, which can add to the challenges during application.  But using oil-based polyurethane will ensure slower drying. So, it will ensure a smoother surface coat. There are some popular wood oils too, like cedar oil, ipe oil, and mineral oils that impart perfect finishing. 

Tips to Enhance Refinishing

As you decide to refinish the flooring, you should keep in mind a few things that will help you during the process. 

1. If you consider this process as a DIY task, then don’t forget to rent the necessary equipment like edger sanders or drum sanders.

2. Work in the well-ventilated rooms as you proceed with the sanding process or application of the stain or finishing.

3. Reduce dust emissions by preferring the sanders with vacuum and dust bags.

4. Spot-test the finish before you finalize the refinish SPC floors to make sure that it looks good on the floor.

5. Start the finishing process such that you end near the door. Crawling on the wet floor is not a good idea as it will ruin the work. 

6. When you are returning the furniture to the place, you should place the felt pads to prevent scratches on the flooring. 

Maintenance is Vital

SPC FLooring

Installation of the SPC flooring is just a baby step toward having an attractive home décor. For, if you fail to take care of the flooring, the surface will lose its aura years down the line.  Refinishing is one of the best ways to ensure that the SPC floors are in good condition year after year. The regular maintenance procedures include

1. Daily cleaning

2. Polishing at regular intervals

But refinishing is something extra that will directly have an impact on the durability of our flooring material. According to our experts, refinishing is a cheaper and eco-friendly process instead of a complete replacement of the flooring. 

Many of you get tired of looking at the same floor all the time. You must be looking for an upgrade. But replacing the floor will be an expensive, time-consuming, and elaborate process. Why not get professionals to refinish SPC floors?  It's the quickest and most practical decision right now. 

Maintain the right ways

Refinishing the SPC floors is not a simple DIY task. If you plan to do it by yourself, be ready to follow every tip sincerely. And if you are not confident, we would suggest calling the professionals. The SPC flooring from Wintel will serve you forever if you can plan the refinishing at the right time. We encourage our customers to plan the refinishing at the right time for restoring the shine and grandeur of the flooring. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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