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Top Tile Designs & Colors For Living Room That Never Go Out Of Style


Do you wish to give your living room a new look without spending much money? Tiling your living room can bring in so much magic without spending quite a lot of money. With so many tile designs and colors available, choosing one that is perfect for your living room can be difficult. So, never worry at all; here is what to do:

In this article, we share our favorite tile designs and colors with a timeless look that, through the years, will make a living room look pulled together and stylish. We walk through all choices from natural stone, through ceramic and porcelain, to glass, with lots of inspiring examples. With a little bit of planning and plenty of creativity, you can be well on track in selecting the right tiles that will make your living room look fresh and fabulous. So get ready to tile like a pro and design a living room you'll love coming home to.

Classic Tile Designs for Living Rooms That Stand the Test of Time

Aside from the fact that tile flooring immediately adds warmth and beauty to living rooms, some designs and colors are already considered classical and have survived the test of decades because of their timeless appeal.

Top Tile Designs & Colors for Living Room That Never Go Out of Style

Natural Stone

One of these long-time members is natural stone tiles: organic textures, neutral tones, and a relaxed, earthy vibe. While stone tiles do require a regular seal, which offers protection compared to some of the other materials, they do boast a certain level of character and durability that's tough to beat.


Terracotta tiles for houses have been used for thousands of years, all the way back to when it was a revolutionary idea to make tiles out of fired clay. A perfectly rustic, handmade look will fit everything, from Tuscan to bohemian. Terracotta tiles is warm, bright, and naturally hued between the oranges and reds, so it can add light to the living room. Even though it is vulnerable because of its pores, a sealant could avoid stains while still exposing the natural beauty of the tiles.

Patterned Tiles

This is a tradition that goes back many centuries, to beautify these patterned tiles with geometric, botanical, or Moorish pattern details. Whether used in an entrance for a decorative accent or indeed across whole floors, patterned tiles scream style and pop out because of the architectural details in the room. The interesting thing here is that the patterned tiles are often made on a fairly neutral-colored palette, but the tiles themselves bring the interest through.

Whether it may be Old-World ambiance with natural stones or a rustic ambiance with terracotta, or just plain indulgence with patterned tiles, classic design assures your living room floor never goes out of style. Timeless appeal and lasting quality: these tiles are always in fashion.

On-Trend Tile Colors to Make Your Living Room Pop

Blue tiles make up such a classic design that they exude serenity. Navy is daring, but yet so dramatic with tone; simply tap navy tiles against clean white walls for a nautical look or onto a wood floor for a cool rustic coastal vibe.

Warm, glowing colors of sunset burnt orange and rust in terracotta tiles make a warm, cozy place that is Tuscan. Their earthly tones mix well with materials of stone and woods for a complete look. Get to the store for this classy look in terracotta tiles featuring a smooth metal accent and stylish touch of natural light.

Top Tile Designs & Colors for Living Room That Never Go Out of Style

Green tiles are bright and very descriptive of nature. Using forest green tiles will bring you a step closer to the deep green wealth that lush tropical jungles radiate. Mint green tiles definitely freshen up an area. Rattan and woven accents, with houseplants, are easy additions to the natural look.

Patterned tiles are sure to be Statement makers. Creativity with dimension will be splayed across the floor with geometric shapes—think hexagons, triangles, and zigzags. Other floral/botanical prints will be more whimsical, and I'd bet that a Moroccan vibe—rich mosaic work—is sure to take you thousands of miles away to an exotic bazaar.

And, of course, there are plenty of stylish design options with tiles. Choosing a color or pattern that you like will place your living room into your vision and make it your space. The perfect tile design will provide you with an area you will enjoy for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Tile for Your Living Room

1. Are tiles going to damage my living room walls?

Can a tile harm the wall in your living room if the tile is correctly installed? Most probably, no. The most important thing ever is to have a smooth, clean, and stable surface to adhere the tile to. If the walls are damaged or not even, you may first have to apply a layer of drywall or plywood. As long as the surface is correct and the tile is put with a good tile adhesive, this should not damage the wall.

2. How do I choose a tile style for my living room?

The choice of your tile style will depend on the look and feel that you want to give your living room. Some of the most popular and timeless options include:

Ceramic or porcelain tile: Available in an unbelievable number of designs, sizes, and at a variety of price points. Durable, easy to keep up.

Natural stone: It is timeless and classy. Options include travertine, slate, marble, and granite. A bit pricier but in style.

Subway tile: timeless, clean, simple. It's just great for a look that switches from minimalist to retro.

Moroccan tile: Radiant in color and luxurious in design. Creates the intended sensational exotic look.

Again, consider the size, color, and pattern of the tile. Big tiles can make small rooms feel open, and the small ones do the trick. Stick to a neutral color scheme for an airy feel, or pop in some color for contrast. Patterns such as herringbone and chevron also create a stylish focal point.

3. How much tile do I need for my living room?

This really depends on the amount of space your living room actually has, and the layout or design to which you might want your room tiled; an allowance of about 10%-15% extra can thus be estimated to cater for wastage. Measure your living room to determine the square footage you need to have the tiles spread across. Measure the room once that is done, and you can calculate the quantity based on each individual tile size, for instance 2 square feet for a 12x24 inch. Note all spacers between tiles, which could mean a 5-10% reduction in the overall coverage area.


So there you have it: some of the most classic, timeless tile designs and colors you should consider for your living room floor and walls. You really can't go wrong with this. Just go for one you feel reflects your style or goes well with your décor. Finally, buy yourself those tiles that make you happy, and that you feel you will love to have for a long time. But if you get that itch one day, at least now you know your tiles will still be on-trend.

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