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Tiles Fixing

Welcome To Wintel Vitrified Pvt Ltd.

Plaster the surface of the floor to be tiled with smooth finish and complete the plastering and curing at least two weeks prior to tiling.

Before fixing tiles, lay them out in desired pattern and make sure that they give acceptable blend of colour. Please not that certain amount of shade variation may occure in the tiles due to extreme firing temperature, size variation up to ±0.75% and warpage upto ±0.5% of the dimensions are allowed by all international standards of floor tiles.

The company will not accept liability NCE tiles are fixed.

before fixing the tiles on the floor, we strongly recommend to randomly select tiles from different box & lay them in the desire pattern to make sure that the pattern so formed give you and acceptable blend of color shade & size variation are inherent characteristic in manufacturing of ceramic tiles.

Kindly look for the arrow on the back of the tiles and follow the laying pattern as shown bellow diagram.