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80X80 Cm Glazed Porcelain Tiles Exporter From India


Porcelain tiles have always been a very interesting type of flooring, owing to the durable nature of the material. The ceramic tiles are natural and clay-based. Wintel has been producing the 80x80 tiles in bulk with a huge demand from both residential and commercial property owners.

Indeed, 80x80 floor tiles of glazed porcelain material have created a sensation in the market. The glaze is owing to the coating of vitrified lead glass and colored oxides that contribute to the opaque surface creation. Wintel has emerged as the leading manufacturer and exporter in India when it comes to the 80x80 glazed porcelain tiles,800mm x 800mm tiles, and more.

You can find a huge variety of glazed tiles with variations in colors, sizes, and shapes. You can use them for flooring and even as 80x80 mm wall tiles. The 32x32 inch glazed porcelain tiles are highly durable and the investment will surely bring you maximum ROI.

Leading Exporting Company of 80X80cm Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have become a staple for residential and commercial properties owing too different reasons. Wintel being the Best exporter of 80x80 mm glazed tiles can share a few advantages of these tiles.

  • Top companies like Wintel exports premium quality of 80x80 mm Glazed Tiles that are highly durable. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal is unparalleled. 

  • We are the top wall tiles exporter from India because our product is resistant to wear and tear and even scratching and chipping owing to the innate hardness of the material. 

  • Install the floor tiles that have exceptional stain-resistant properties. These exports 80x80 tiles can even prevent the growth of mold and mildew to a great extent. 

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, nothing can beat the ease of maintaining the 32x32-inch glazed porcelain tiles. As these tiles don’t absorb moisture, the glazed porcelain tiles have become the appropriate option for serving as the flooring and wall cladding options across different countries.

Our collection of Glazed Porcelain Tiles in different sizes

It is natural that property owners will have myriad requirements in terms of the shape and size of the tiles, depending on the area of the room or the entire space available. Wintel aims to serve a maximum number of customers. That is why we have tried to manufacture all the common dimensional requirements of the customers to make sure that we have always something in store for you.

300 x 600 mm: The size is ideal when you want to cover up the bathroom or kitchen space and you don’t want to install the bigger slabs that can make the area appear more constricted.

600 x 600 mm: Are you in love with the perfect square dimensions? Then this will be your ideal size option when it comes to covering the square rooms or even the exterior space and the driveways. 

600 x 1200mm: Rectangles are always a good option for covering up spaces with one side longer. If you get affordable options with the ideal number of pieces available in one box, then this size can offer you an economic solution. 

800 x 800 mm: Have a huge hall or dining space? Install the perfect big squares of the porcelain tiles that will immediately uplift the appearance of the room. 

800 x 1600 mm: The commercial spaces have bigger rooms and segregated areas where it is ideal to install the bugger rectangular porcelain tiles. These look the best to enhance the spacious appearance of the property. You can increase the chances of selling off the property with the installation of these tiles.

Our collection of Glazed Porcelain Tiles with different finishes

To add elegance to the space and to make the area appear classy, Wintel brings to you several finishes of the 80x80 glazed Tiles that will make the dreams of any home owner come true when it comes to the decoration of the interior space.

   1. Glossy

When you have space constriction, we can help you o make the area appear more spacious than its original area. Just install the glossy porcelain tiles, and you will know how the shine helps. 

  • The powerful enamel coating reflects maximum light. 

  • They appear shiny and spacious. 

These tiles impart a rich and vibrant look to the space.

   2. Matt

This will be your ideal option if you have been planning to deck up the interior in the traditional style with a rustic touch. 

  • Our tiles are anti-skid

  • Resistant to stains

  • Lightweight

So it will be a perfect addition to your drawing room as the aesthetic appeal is imperative. Moreover, it is appropriate for any climatic condition as the water absorbency rate is less than 0.5.

   3. Carving

It is a durable flooring option with the perfect aesthetic design. The intricate patterns present on these tiles are carved into the surface that will add a distinguishing character to the rooms, usually, the colors available are cream, brown and beige.


   4. Wooden

This finishing is quite common among property owners. The components include real wood and natural clay hardened through heating on fire. It has the appearance of stone and the strength of ceramic. The option is popular for decking the kitchens, backsplash, and even the flooring of the kitchen. the wood grain pattern has got very popular.

   5. Rustic

And this one is yet again a masterpiece with its old-school appearance. if you want the perfect look of traditional classic nature, you should choose this finishing for the ideal impact. 

Why are we the best exporter from India?

Wintel has earned its reputation as the leading manufacturer and exporter in India. We have been concentrating on understanding the climatic differences in different countries. Based on the information, we have experimented with the materials, finishings, and designs, to make sure that our products serve the best in the respective countries.

Moreover, our pricing is by far, the most reasonable, especially keeping the quality of tiles that we manufacture. We believe that no other certification matters more than the appreciation and reviews of our customers.

So, do ask for suggestions and allow us to create the perfect look for your property. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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