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1200x2400mm Porcelain Slab Manufacturer In Saudi Arabia



Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., at the heart of India's tile and flooring industry, is a brilliant example of ingenuity and excellence. They brought with them a long history as trailblazers in the tile manufacturing sector as they set out to dominate the challenging and competitive Saudi Arabian market. And what an adventure it's been!

Known for its advanced technology, Wintel Ceramics employs not only the most intelligent individuals but also a staff whose dedication is beyond mere proficiency. And that's just half the story; their cutting-edge production facility transforms raw materials into porcelain masterpieces.

What truly sets them apart are their gorgeous 1200x2400mm porcelain slabs, which individually provide an endless canvas of possibilities. These slabs are artworks as well as tiles. Their finishes are similar to brushstrokes on a piece of art, ranging from high gloss Traventino Beige to rustic appeal Mulberry Wood Decor. They provide a range of aesthetics, including futuristic and minimalist.

Come explore the world of porcelain with us, where beauty and craftsmanship merge in the unchallenged leader, Wintel Ceramics.

Wintel Ceramics: Craftsmanship at Its Best

Wintel Ceramics specializes in crafting porcelain slabs that redefine luxury. They are experts in fusing cutting-edge technology with products of the highest caliber. Their team, a symphony of the industry's brightest minds, works in a state-of-the-art production facility furnished with the newest machinery to fashion raw materials into stunning works of art.

This is a dedication to workmanship, not simply a business. Every stage of the process, from the careful selection of raw materials to the deft hands that mold them, is imbued with a commitment to perfection. The mastermind behind Saudi Arabia's most sought-after 1200x2400mm porcelain slabs, Wintel Ceramics is no ordinary producer.

In this industry, creativity and tradition work together to create porcelain slabs that are a testament to their mastery. And that's the thing with Wintel Ceramics—they don't simply follow trends; they also set them. It is the meeting point of creativity and technology, precision and ingenuity.

Their porcelain works, the outcome of a journey that goes beyond simple manufacture, reside in the most elegant homes in Saudi Arabia. Each slab that is made by Wintel Ceramics is a work of art that exhibits the best level of workmanship.

The Finish That Defines

With porcelain slabs measuring 1200x2400 mm, Wintel Ceramics unveils an aesthetically pleasing symphony of finishes that will genuinely define your area.

They have an amazing collection of porcelain slabs that will satisfy any kind of aesthetic preference. They provide a blank canvas of creative choices that range from minimalism to the pinnacle of modern style, at just 9mm thick.

High Glossy Finish

1200x2400mm Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

Imagine your room shining brightly after applying the High Glossy Finish. It resembles strolling on the sunshine. This finish is best represented by Traventino Beige, which exudes a brilliant charm that makes every step you take seem incredibly luxurious.

Rustic Matt Finish 

1200x2400mm Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

The Rustic Matt Finish is your inspiration if you're drawn to rustic appeal. With its aged elegance, Mulberry Wood Decor embodies the charm of an era gone by, when each touch carries a whisper of history.

Carving Finish

1200x2400mm Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

Porcelain slabs take on a new dimension thanks to Carving Finish. Imagine the depth of Ruby Quartz Ash, an exceptional work of stone-inspired art. It like strolling through a magical, old forest.

Rich Silk Finish  

1200x2400mm Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

With the Rich Silk Finish, venture into the world of classic grandeur. Breccia Marino Latte inspires an opulence that is timeless, like to a page taken from the most treasured diaries in history.

Get Your Porcelain Slab!

Wintel's porcelain slabs are unparalleled in their richness because to this abundance of finishes, which makes them a gold mine for builders, interior designers, and homeowners alike. The explosion of patterns and textures offers a creative playground where every finish conveys a message that suits your own aesthetic.

Unveiling a Symphony of Styles

In the realm of porcelain slabs, Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. invites you to a breathtaking showdown of series that will transport you to the vibrant landscapes of Saudi Arabia.

1. Dark High Glossy Series

Where the night meets day, these slabs exude an enigmatic allure. Think glossy ebony under the Arabian moonlight, each tile a reflection of starry dreams.

2. Décor Series

Elegance takes center stage in this collection. Imagine intricate patterns mirroring Saudi Arabian artistry, a piece of culture embedded in every slab.

3. Book Match Series

Nature's wonder meets meticulous craftsmanship. These slabs create a seamless, book-like flow, echoing the endless sands and dunes of the Arabian landscape. 

Each series is a tribute to Saudi Arabia's diverse beauty and culture, a canvas for your imagination. Dive into this oasis of possibilities, and let your projects resonate with the wonders of the Arabian terrain.

Discover a World of Porcelain Elegance

An awe-inspiring world of 1200x2400mm porcelain slabs that redefine beauty is unlocked by Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. These slabs, which have an eye-catching 9mm thickness, satisfy Saudi Arabia's wide range of preferences.

These slabs provide the canvas for your idea, whether it is the understated charm of minimalism or the avant-garde touches of modern design. Make a classic work of art that speaks to the particular demand for the extraordinary in Saudi Arabia.

The options are endless, ranging from the earthy beauty of rustic matt to the pure brilliance of high gloss. It doesn't end there, though. Your artistic skills will be amplified by the exquisite carving finish and luxurious silk touch of these porcelain slabs. Wintel Ceramics' innovation matches the dynamic and constantly changing Saudi Arabian market.


In summary, Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., a brand associated with quality, is redefining the porcelain slab market in Saudi Arabia. Their steadfast dedication to excellence and creativity is evident in each 1200x2400mm porcelain work of art. These slabs provide a multitude of treatment options, from high gloss to rustic, so the possibilities are endless. Wintel Ceramics has become the go-to company for architects and designers in the cutthroat Saudi market. They urge you to enter a world of porcelain perfection, the last stroke of this masterpiece. Wintel Ceramics has your back—and your floor—whether your project is more contemporary or more traditional.

Discover the unrivaled selection and use these porcelain slabs to improve your creations. Allow Wintel Ceramics' porcelain expertise to adorn your creations. A creative genius in the 1200x2400mm porcelain slab range is waiting for you t explore and unleash your creative imagination to work – get in touch with Wintel today and get cracking!


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