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Application Of Vitrified Tiles


If you're on the lookout for fresh tiles, you should give vitrified tiles serious consideration. They are becoming a huge favorite, especially in places prone to wetness or exposure to freezing. The use of vitrified tiles is expanding to a whole new level with newer developments. Vitrified tiles provide a number of benefits and perks over all other kinds of tiles. But which areas of the house should we employ vitrified tiles in? And that's what we shall explore below.

Where We Can Use Vitrified Tiles?

vitrified  tiles

Applications of vitrified tiles are not limited to one or two areas but it has practically unlimited possibilities. They are a perfect addition to the areas detailed below:

1. In the Kitchen

Vitrified tiles are the perfect addition for kitchens, be they on the floors or as backsplashes, they are easily blending with the needs of the kitchen setup. Given their water-resistant properties and the ability to repel stains they are perfect for even a commercial kitchen. 

2. On the Walls

Vitrified tiles come in a variety of styles, allowing you to match your wall cladding to the aesthetic of the space you're utilizing these for. You may design the space to your liking, and the sturdiness and longevity of vitrified tiles ensure that you won't have to change them anytime in the near future.

3. On the Floors

Flooring for the lounge room, bedrooms, and dining room could be done using Vitrified Tiles, which are an excellent alternative for such uses. These kinds of rooms typically contain very heavy objects, and the tiles must be exceedingly sturdy to sustain such strain.

And vitrified tiles provide exactly that.  Not only that but because we move so often in certain regions, the flooring is bound to get dirtied. In this situation, the vitrified tiles utilized may be readily cleaned, saving both time and labor.

4. In Hallways

Vitrified tiles are ideal for areas that see a lot of activity and footfalls, such as those in your home hallways or entryways. It will not degrade or discolor. Because vitrified tiles are stain-resistant, they are extremely simple to cleanse and manage. All that is necessary is frequent cleaning with a moist cloth. They also do not discolor if subjected to cleaning agents.

It also has an excellent anti-slip feature, so users won't have to think about falling if they're not sporting grippy shoes. Because of their durability, they are particularly fit for busy and large spaces.

5. In the Bath

One of the areas where we can use vitrified tiles effectively is the bathroom. The challenge in establishing a beautiful bath environment stems from the fact that it is a location wherein moisture is common. If you use the wrong tiles, you may end up dealing with mold and bacteria. 

The 'vitrification' process, along with the excellent anti-bacterial qualities, keeps microbes away from the surface. It is also water-resistant. As a consequence, choosing vitrified tiles for your bathroom walls may aid in keeping them hygienic and safe.

6. For Outdoors

Anti-skid tiles provide improved wear durability and can be put in high-traffic areas. The vitrification process hardens and weatherproofs the tiles, allowing them to be used inside as well as making them perfect for exterior use.  They may also be included on the balcony or on the lawn because they can resist a great deal of pressure. As outdoors cladding is subjected to all kinds of harsh conditions and vitrified tiles are built to outlast almost everything.

When it comes to vitrified tiles and the regions where we may utilize them, the possibilities are virtually limitless! Porcelain tiles are always being improved in order to have superior properties and to be used in a variety of locations and applications. The developments in vitrified tiles have distinguished them from the competition and made the tiles appropriate for a wider range of applications. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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