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Full Body Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer In UK



In the realm of architectural elegance, full body porcelain tiles have emerged as the definitive statement. Their meteoric rise and unwavering popularity have reshaped the aesthetics of modern spaces. Over the past years, these tiles have scaled the ladder of demand, transcending mere utility to become exquisite works of art in their own right.

From the grandeur of commercial spaces to the intimacy of residential abodes, the allure of full body porcelain tiles has woven an inescapable charm. Across the great expanse, the UK stands as a testament to this trend's monumental hold, where it has become a cornerstone of interior refinement.

Amidst this revolution stands Wintel Vitrified, an embodiment of innovation and excellence. With an illustrious legacy in India, it has unfurled its wings to grace the British panorama. UK A name synonymous with quality, their full body porcelain tiles are a testament to the craftsmanship that bridges tradition and technology. Welcome to a world where spaces don't just sparkle, they come alive with Wintel's touch.

The Unparalleled Wintel Advantage

Wintel Tile manufacturer in UK

In the captivating realm of tile mastery, Wintel Vitrified stands as a colossus, commanding unwavering admiration. With a symphony of technological marvels and an orchestra of artistry, they've etched their indelible mark. From their sanctuary of creation, where machines whisper in harmony with skilled hands, emerges an unparalleled concoction of quality and innovation.

Intricately weaving together tradition and modernity, Wintel's tiles are not just tiles; they're chapters of architectural poetry. With a manufacturing haven brimming with avant-garde machineries, they orchestrate a ballet of finesse. Every tile birthed is a fusion of engineering precision and artisanal ardor.

But it's not just about the tiles; it's about their global crescendo. Wintel Vitrified reigns not only in the enchanting realms of India but has cast its spell far and wide, especially in the discerning landscape of the UK. It's not merely tiles they deliver; it's an experience. A tangible testament to their supremacy.

For Wintel Vitrified, every tile pulsates with life, whispering tales of endurance and beauty. Their tiles aren't passive floor coverings; they're guardians of longevity. Scratch them, stain them, unleash the elements – they stand resolute, an embodiment of tenacity.

In the symposium of tile manufacturers, Wintel Vitrified's symphony of excellence orchestrates a standing ovation. Their name isn't just etched; it's emblazoned in the chronicles of unparalleled achievement.

The Symphony of Diversity: Full Body Porcelain Tiles Array

Dive into the Marvelous Mosaic

Wintel Vitrified takes you on an exhilarating journey through their vast tapestry of Full Body Porcelain Tiles, a journey where innovation dances harmoniously with tradition. These tiles, available in a bewitching range of sizes from the suave 600 mm x 600 mm to the majestic 800 mm x 1600 mm, redefine spatial aesthetics.

Choices Beyond Imagination

The choices extend beyond mere sizes. Wintel Vitrified beckons with an array of polishes and finishes, from the timeless gloss to the contemporary matte, catering to every design inclination. With the prowess to curate captivating spaces, these tiles unleash your creative verve.

Designs that Whisper Elegance

Each tile is a canvas, a testimony to the fusion of engineering and artistry. The symphony of diversity in designs, from intricate mosaics to sophisticated marble emulation, transforms ordinary surfaces into expressions of opulence.

Advantages Beyond Surface

Don't be deceived by the visual feast; these tiles are more than meets the eye. With the durability of a titan, they endure footfalls and life's occasional caprices. Resistant to scratches, stains, and the capriciousness of water, they stand tall as sentinels of sophistication.

Crafting Environments, Crafting Dreams

Wintel Vitrified's Full Body Porcelain Tiles array isn't just a collection; it's a blueprint for transforming spaces into timeless marvels. Architects wield them as brushes, interior designers as palettes, and homeowners as conduits of their dreams, all creating a symphony of exquisite living.

Discover the Essence

In this vivacious orchestra of porcelain possibilities, Wintel Vitrified conducts a resounding masterpiece. The symphony of diversity unfolds, offering choices that encapsulate not just tiles, but stories waiting to be told on the canvas of your abode.

Transforming Spaces: Wintel's Full Body Porcelain Tiles in UK

Full body tile manufcaturer in UK

The UK architectural panorama underwent a seismic shift with Wintel Vitrified's Full Body Porcelain Tiles. Architects and designers, previously grappling with mundane materials, are now orchestrating symphonies of style and substance. From opulent 800 mm x 1600 mm outdoor installations to intimate 300 mm x 1200 mm indoor marvels, Wintel's size palette defies limits. The play of textures and polishes bestows spaces with a tactile poetry that lures the eyes and caresses the senses.

Wintel's porcelain prowess isn't just surface-level charm. These tiles, forged in the crucible of advanced technology, outshine traditional options in every way. Coffee spills, pet frolics, high-heeled soirées – these tiles scoff at scratches and stains. The British weather's tantrums are shrugged off, as water-resistance stands sentinel.

Behold the cityscape dotted with Wintel's masterpieces. Grandeur merges with functionality, and homes metamorphose into havens. Wintel's conquest of the UK tile market is more than commerce; it's an artistic insurrection, a testament to ceramic sophistication. It's not just tiles; it's transformation rendered in porcelain.


In the grand tapestry of tiling excellence, Wintel Vitrified stands as the masterful weaver of innovation and quality. With a symphony of sizes ranging from the intimate 600 mm x 600 mm to the grandeur of 800 mm x 1600 mm, their full-body porcelain tiles redefine space manipulation. The marriage of robustness and elegance in these tiles dances with durability, unfazed by life's trials. Wintel's conquest of the UK market echoes triumph, a testament to their global dominance. Architects, designers, and dreamers all find solace in Wintel's creations. As the journey continues, Wintel Vitrified remains the cornerstone where artistic ingenuity embraces engineering marvel.


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