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600 X 1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer In UAE


600x1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles in UAE

Let’s introduce you to Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., the porcelain tile industry behemoth that is taking the UAE by storm with its gorgeous 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tile designs.

An extensive worldwide presence, state-of-the-art technology, and an exceptionally skilled team are all combined by Wintel, a brand synonymous with quality. Every tile in this site bears witness to the dedication of its owners to both quality and beauty, as innovation coexists with tradition.

600 x 1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in UAE

The stunning selection of unique series and collections, however, is what really makes Wintel stand out. Every taste and interior style may be satisfied with a tile, from the bright attractiveness of Red Series Glossy's Trexo Pink to the subtle refinement of Baby Satin's Avion Aqua.

Explore Wintel Ceramics' universe of 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles, which turn rooms into artistic creations. From here, the trip starts.

The World of 600x1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Within the expansive field of interior design, where inspiration is unrestricted and innovation flourishes, the 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles represent the pinnacle of style and functionality. These enormously detailed yet highly demanding tiles have made a name for themselves in the fiercely competitive UAE market.

These tiles provide a canvas for expression as well as flooring.

Their huge 600x1200mm dimension allows for inventiveness that goes beyond the norm. Wintel Ceramics creates magnificent designs that eloquently carve stories of opulence and grandeur, simplicity, and raw appeal. These tiles communicate these stories.

They are a mosaic of robustness and beauty, the result of the union of artistry and technology.

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This may sound confusing, but these tiles are the ideal combination of design and function. They are a statement and an expression of your own style, not just tiles. Furthermore, despite the constant changes in the design industry, these glazed porcelain tiles never go out of style—they provide an endless canvas for homeowners, architects, and interior designers.

Enter this realm where areas come to life and flooring becomes works of art.

The Exclusive Collections

Buckle up, as we journey into the mesmerizing world of Wintel Ceramics' exclusive 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tile collections

1. Baby Satin - Meet Avion Aqua, the epitome of elegance. Avion Aqua's smooth satin finish whispers sophistication and grace, making it a favorite in UAE homes and commercial spaces.

2. Bookmatch - Ever heard of Florida Brown? It's more than a tile; it's a masterpiece. The bookmatched pattern creates a visual symphony, capturing the essence of luxury.

3. Decore Series - Unveil a dual personality. The Matt finish exudes a cozy charm, while the Glossy finish screams opulence. It's like having two incredible options under one roof!

4. Glossy - Afyon White is the embodiment of pristine beauty. Its glossy allure adds a touch of brilliance to interiors, bringing them to life.

5. High Glossy - Brace yourself for Amazonite Black. This high-gloss marvel is the enigma of darkness and shine, a stunning contrast that captures attention effortlessly.

6. Matt – The Matt finish options under this range aren’t just for traction and grip they are truly exemplary in their way of being works of art adorning Arab homes all across the UAE.

7. Matt Carving - Behold Cap Natural, where artistry meets functionality. The carved detailing on this tile adds a touch of the raw, untamed beauty of nature to your spaces.

8. Matt Punch - Simplicity at its best. Matt Punch's texture is subtle but memorable, promising timeless grace to your interiors.

9. Red Series Glossy - Radiate warmth with Trexo Pink. The glossy finish makes this tile a charismatic choice, setting a jubilant tone.

10. Sugar - Matrix Flax whispers sweetness into your spaces. Its delicate design has garnered love from those who seek subtlety in style.

11. Super Gloss - Luxuriate in Marquina Gold's radiant embrace. The super glossy finish adds a touch of extravagance that is hard to resist.

12. Super White - Carara Imperial is the white knight of interiors. Its super white charm is a statement of purity and timelessness.

13. Wood - Drift Wood Brown redefines wood-like elegance. It's the perfect blend of nature's rugged beauty and modern aesthetics.

Wintel Ceramics has sculpted these collections to inspire and impress the UAE market, captivating the hearts and minds of its customers. In this fascinating array, minimalistic whispers meet maximalist roars, offering choices as diverse as your imagination.

These tiles don't just adorn spaces; they tell stories.

Diverse Designs and Uncompromising Durability

Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. redefines the standard when it comes to design adaptability, rather than merely raising it. Their 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles are available in a variety of designs, from Glossy Afyon White's classic beauty to Matt Punch's minimalist appeal. With the help of the Wood series, which Drift Wood Brown brilliantly represents, they have discovered the secret of rustic beauty.

600 x 1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in UAE

These tiles are intriguing because they deftly blend traditional and modern styles. What really distinguishes Wintel, though, is their persistent dedication to longevity and quality. These tiles are made to last the test of time; they are more than simply a gorgeous face. They have unmatched toughness because of their 9mm thickness.

Wintel Ceramics' ability to fuse contemporary technology with artistic skill produces tiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful works of art. These tiles will therefore continue to look fantastic for many years to come, regardless of your preference for a sleek, modern design or a more rustic vibe.


In the ever-evolving world of interior design, Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. emerges as the vanguard, offering not just glazed porcelain tiles, but masterpieces for your living canvas. From the subtle allure of Baby Satin's Avion Aqua to the timeless elegance of Super White's Carara Imperial, these 600x1200mm tiles redefine possibilities.

In a realm where trends shift like desert sands, Wintel's diverse collections span the spectrum of design – from the avant-garde to rustic reveries. Their commitment to quality and durability with a 9mm thickness makes them an unshakable foundation for your creative visions.

As this exploration comes to a close, the stage is set for you to bring your designs to life. Wintel Ceramics invites you to experience excellence, innovation, and luxury in every tile they offer. Don't just decorate; design your story with the finest 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles in the UAE.

Wintel Ceramics - Where Imagination Meets Reality.


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