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Homebuilding & Renovating Show

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for homeowners and those in the construction industry. Taking place from Friday, 22nd September 2023, to Sunday, 24th September 2023, at ExCeL London, this show is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to improve their home. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors, the event offers visitors the chance to explore the latest building materials, home automation systems, and interior design trends.

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show offers a unique opportunity for visitors to meet with experts and specialists in the industry, including architects, builders, and interior designers. These experts are available to provide invaluable advice and guidance to those planning to undertake a home renovation or building project. Visitors can take advantage of one-to-one consultations with these experts to discuss their ideas and receive professional feedback.

In addition to the impressive exhibitor lineup, the Homebuilding & Renovating Show will also feature a range of informative seminars and workshops. These sessions are designed to provide visitors with valuable insights into the latest building and renovation trends and to help them navigate the complexities of the planning and building process. From advice on planning permission to tips on interior design, the seminars offer something for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

Overall, the Homebuilding & Renovating Show is an unmissable event for anyone looking to improve their home, whether through a renovation or building project. With a wealth of exhibitors and expert guidance available, visitors can gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and technologies in the industry. The show's location at ExCeL London makes it easily accessible for visitors from all over the country, and its three-day run provides ample time to explore everything on offer.


Date: Friday, 22nd September 2023

Venue: ExCeL London


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