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Soluble Salt Tiles Manufacturer In India


Soluble Salt Tiles Manufacturer in India

The tile manufacturing industry has witnessed notable advancements owing to the innovative ideas of the manufacturers The soluble salt tiles are the latest sensation in the market. 

These tiles are also called the Nano polished vitrified tiles with the nano-coating on the surface of the tiles. In this blog, we will discuss the details of these tiles so that you can consider buying them if they sound appropriate for your commercial or residential property.

What are soluble salt tiles? 

The soluble salt tiles are the upgraded version of the regular ceramic tiles. These are ivory-based tiles (using both design ivory and plain ivory). the manufacturers can apply simple technology for the production of the 600 X 600 soluble salt tiles.

  1. The manufacturers use liquid colour screen printing technology to create the designs on the surface of these tiles. 

  2. On heating the tiles in the kiln, the materials absorb the soluble salts for painting the design on the tile. 

  3. After screen printing, polishing helps to create a smooth finish.

  4. The final step includes a nano-material coating on the tiles. 

The soluble salt vitrified tiles are appropriate for most of the interior spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even drawing rooms. Whether it is the home interior or the commercial zone with comparatively lower traffic, it will be ideal for the perfect appearance. 

What are soluble salt tiles made up of?   

In the standard tiles of soluble salt, the Best manufacturer in India like Wintel will use raw materials like Feldspar, ball clay, Quartz, SLS, and STPP. The process of making is an elaborate one and you must have already gone through the overview of the steps.

You will also find the presence of a variety of nanoparticles along with the water or oil- based solvents for nano chemicals. 

Applications of soluble salt tiles

the beauty and functionality of the soluble salt tiles have made them the popular choice of modern property owners. We can share how these tiles are going to change the entire look and feel of the space if you know about the proper applications of the tiles. 

3.1 Residential Sector

The tiles are 100% water-resistant. The reason is simple. The application of nanotechnology for the coating makes all the difference. As no amount of water can seep in through the surface of these tiles, it is ideal for your kitchen and even the bathroom or utility areas. 

3.2 Commercial Sector

Commercial property owners will love the benefits of these tiles. One of the biggest problems with the tiles of commercial spaces is the quick accumulation of dirt, leading to stains. But on the installation of the soluble salt vitrified tiles, you can now forget the worries about continuous expenses for professional stain removal.

Install these tiles and you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees to replace the dirty tiles. As you cannot control the footfall in commercial spaces, you need to make sure that the tiles are good enough to resist stains. 

3.3 Bathroom Sector

Moisture is often the cause of damage to the tiles. So you have to be very cautious while picking the tiles for the bathroom, whether residential or commercial.  With the nano-coating working as the protective shield, you can now use the salt tiles for the bathroom spaces. There will be no damage to the tiles even on exposure to water and moisture for extended periods. 

3.4 Flooring

While looking for different flooring options, you will always prefer options that have sufficient durability. After all, no one likes to invest a considerable sum in the flooring material and then keep on replacing and repairing it at short intervals.  Being the leading manufacturer of 600 X 600 soluble salt tiles, we at Wintel will always suggest using salt tiles for flooring. These tiles will last for many years, without the need to repair or replace.

3.5 Kitchen Area

Frequent spilling of oils and water is common in the kitchen area. But if that can cause damage to the tiles, you will have to arrange for replacement of the tiles very frequently.  Install the soluble salt tiles 60 X 60 which will solve all the problems related to flooring in the kitchen space. Be its exposure to an oily environment or moisture during cooking, apart from the heat. 

3.6 Indoor Wall

What about cladding the wall in a unique manner? Yes, the salt vitrified tiles will offer the best look and feel for the walls in the indoor space of your home or office. With so many options of designs available, you have the liberty to choose any design, pattern, or colour of the tiles to achieve the perfect aesthetic elegance. 

Adorn the walls with these tiles and pick one from our trendiest collection. We bet the luxurious tiles will do all the talking when people visit yoru space and gaze at the walls. 

3.7 Outdoor Wall

If moisture or heat cannot alter the dimensions of the tiles or cause much wear and tear, the soluble salt tiles can be a great option for your exterior walls. It will not only enhance the look but will protect the outer walls too.

3.8 Interior Design

As our option will spoil you with choices, you can now complement any type of interior design with the complementary design of the tiles. 

3.9 Elevation Sector

If you admire the elevation tiles, just install these salt tiles. You will be impressed to see the three-dimensional effect of the wall tiles.

3.10 Terrace Area

Rain or shine, the nano vitrified tiles will always be the ideal floor cover for the terrace. So install these tiles if you want to transform the terrace into that perfect exterior extension of your home. 

Sizes of soluble salt tiles at Wintel vitrified

The common size of the salt tiles available at Wintel is 600 X 600 MM. and the designs will be stunning so that you can choose the most suitable ones to deck up the property walls and floors. 

Packaging details of Soluble Salt Tiles

Packaging is an important element of customer service, especially when we sell the soluble salt 60 X 60 tiles. As we are exporting to different countries, we make sure of the following factors:

  1. Use of durable boxes for optimal space use. 

  2. Presence of protection corners in the box for safe transit

  3. Filling the void with cushioning materials

  4. Boxes have proper strapping.

Thus, we successfully cater to myriad international clients. 

Did you know that soluble salt tiles can help improve your home’s value?

Yes, you heard that right. As potential property buyers know the value of the soluble salt tiles,the installation will enhance the property value. 

Our 600 x 600 soluble tiles have been the best on the market for many years.

The quality control process of our company with the perfect packaging system ensures that you get the best deal. Buy from Wintel ,if you are looking for an affordable option for the soluble salt Tiles. The sheer variety of designs and styles with high impact resistance will always make these tiles the best option for your residential or commercial property.  For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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