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Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer In India


For the past couple of decades, India has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of porcelain tiles. The productive business for Indian porcelain tiles has prepared the path for several new companies; yet, few good companies have made themselves quite reputable in a short period of existence via excellent product delivery. As a result, porcelain tiles are delivered all over the nation and are well-known worldwide.

Porcelain tiles have limitless prospects; there really is no limitation to how a house or commercial space owner may create with this most adaptable flooring option on the market at the moment. It has a suitable answer for any surface, whether it's an exterior façade, kitchen countertops, bathroom showers, or a brilliant lounge space; each location it's come into touch with has been enhanced in character.

Wintel Ceramic, a well-known Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer, has distinguished itself to be a Porcelain tiles producer by offering affordably priced and artistically manufactured porcelain tiles. Wintel has also created a name as a company that offers a full solution that includes easy providing as well as advertising throughout the country and overseas.

Why Choose Wintel Vitrified?

As a porcelain tile producer, Wintel Vitrified is well-versed in tiles fashions around the globe and has always excelled in upgrading its product according to worldwide taste. The porcelain tiles that they produce come in a range of finishes, colors, designs, and textures. Following are a few of the many reasons that Wintel offers to their customers to make their choice easier.

1. Their Reputation

Their reputation has been proven time and time again in the Indian as well in the global market. Their production quality and the constant efforts to innovate and develop their already superior porcelain tiles have set them above their competitors.

2. Their Quality

The brand's porcelain tiles are a pioneer in the Indian tiles market, with much-improved quality. Their product promise is significant each time a consumer installs their flooring and is confident in the lifetime and other qualities of their finest tiling solutions.

 3. Requires Minimal Care

Porcelain tiles in general require the minimum level of care, making them a preferred flooring choice. Porcelain tiles are extremely simple to wash and therefore do not hold marks or scuffs. Wintel has been renowned for its enhancing developments in all of its products and hence they have been able to improve this aspect of minimal upkeep requirement as well.

 4. They Are Non-Porous

Porcelain tile is normally impervious; nevertheless, with poor production, there is a small possibility that it will permeate underneath. Wintel Vitrified, on the other hand, ensures consumers that even the most fundamental and essential feature of non-porosity is improved and they have been largely successful in achieving that.

 5. They are Consistent Throughout

Porcelain tiles are noted for their uniformity, and Wintel Vitrified has been able to improve on that characteristic. The concentrated consistency of porcelain tiles provides for ease of installation and less tile wastage and saves customers’ expenses.

 6. They are More Durable

Porcelain tiles have been known for their strength and durability, at Wintel, the manufacturing process further strengthens their character. These tiles are particularly well-known for outstanding endurance and toughness; they offer the best tiles that can withstand anything that is tossed at them! They can endure impact, heavyweights, or even fire.

 7. They are Perfectly Safe

Because of their intrinsic qualities, the gloss and patterns of porcelain tiles can be changed to be slip-resistant, eliminating potential safety concerns. As a leading manufacturer, they understand the importance of a practical flooring solution that is safe for its customers.

Wintel Vitrified's unrivaled production method, as well as its aim to provide the finest quality porcelain tiles. These porcelain tiles are an excellent addition to their customers' houses, including inspection and testing of each and every technique involved in production. 

Their Porcelain Tiles are guaranteed their inherent outstanding longevity and resilience to break, abrasion, and tearing, and their high-density composition gives them an advantage for high-traffic areas with considerable foot traffic. Because of their unequaled excellence, they have distinguished themselves as a porcelain tile manufacturer on a global level. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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