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Can Sugar Finish Tiles Be Used For Both Floors And Walls?


You want to put your home in a new, stylish look, but you just don't know how to get started. Tile installation can be a great boon in any space for adding visual interest and durability. Still, with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide on the suitable material. Sugar finish tiles have been gaining massive popularity due to their glossiness and versatile nature.

This glazed porcelain material is suitable for walls and floors in many spaces. These sizable tiles, within 600 x 1200 mm, indeed have much to do with style. But before getting into sugar finish head first, it will be quite beneficial to learn precisely what sugar finish is and how to deal with it. You will find in this article all the details so you can decide whether sugar finish tiles are the right pick to achieve the desire of your looks. We'll help outline the pros and cons so you know what to decide for your next tiling project.

What Are Sugar Finish Tiles?

Sugar finish tiles are those ceramic or porcelain that feature a special, granular surface texture. This is achieved by a special glazing process, making the tiles a little rough, with a refined feel to them, much like sugar crystals.

The effect is that of a tile which is not only beautiful but also creates an interesting tactile experience.

Advantages of Sugar Finish Tiles

Sugar finish tiles are the best as they resist abrasion, wear, and tear. Additionally, the textured surface offers an excellent grip, which advantageously works in high-traffic areas or spaces wearable by people, effectively providing slip resistance. Such tiles are also easy to clean and hence find great applications in residential and commercial establishments.

Uses of Sugar Finish Tiles

Sugar finish tiles can be used in very many different applications. They are highly suitable for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas since they are hard-wearing and have non-slip properties. On walls, they can be highly decorative, forming acclaimed backsplashes, feature walls, and shower surrounds that add class and sophistication.

Introduction of 600 x 1200 mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles

The Standout Tile Size

Are you looking to make a statement on the floor or wall? The 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles are quickly becoming one of the more popular choices for those demanding modern appearances with a slick, clean look and feel. Nearly 2 feet by 4 feet, these large format tiles will provide a seamless, more continuous surface with less grout line disturbance.

Durability & Style Combined

Don't let the larger-than-average dimensions fool you, for these tiles are as tough as nails. Constructed from ultra-dense porcelain clay and then glazed to give them added abuse protection, they can withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture, staining, and more. The result gives them the appearance of a lustrous, almost glass-like glazing finish available in many different colors to fit any design aesthetic.

Introduction of 600 x 1200 mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Versatile Applications

Another of the big selling points associated with this product is its versatility. These 600x1200mm glazed porcelain tiles work beautifully for a floor in a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and commercial spaces. However, they can also be used for walls, backsplashes, and countertops. Large format minimizes cuts and creates a seamless flow from surface to surface.

Installation Tips

While more planning is involved in laying these oversized tiles, the payoff can be well worth it. Work with an experienced tiler who has experience working with large-format porcelain. Follow the correct thin-set mortar and tools to ensure a flat, level surface. Once installed, maintain them like you would any other standard ceramic tile.

With their size and low-maintenance durability in terms of appearance, the 600x1200mm Glazed Porcelain Tile joins worlds of form and function. Upgrade your space today!

Can Sugar Finish Tiles Be Used On Both Flooring and Walls?

Yes, sugar finish tiles can be used for flooring and walls. Its durability and texture make it suitable for high-traffic floor areas, while its aesthetic appeal makes it very fitting for wall applications. However, specific requirements in each application will need to be considered like the amount of foot traffic and exposure to moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar Finish Tiles

1. What are sugar finish tiles?

Sugar finish tiles are ceramic or porcelain with a unique granular surface texture, realized using a specialized glazing process, leaving the finish refined and sugar-like.

2. Are sugar finish tiles strong?

Yes, sugar finish tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear and can be used for residential and commercial purposes.

3. Can sugar finish tiles be used in wet areas?

Yes, sugar finish tiles work great for places mainly filled with water, such as bathrooms and kitchens, because of the slip resistance and moisture-proof properties.

4. How do I clean sugar finish tiles?

Clean sugar finish tiles regularly with a mild detergent and water. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners since they can easily destroy the surface.

5. Are sugar finish tiles expensive?

Now, the cost of sugar finish tiles is different based on materials and brands. Porcelain is much more expensive than ceramic but produces better durability and sustainability.

6. What are the benefits of glazed porcelain tiles 600 x 1200 mm?

The 600 x 1200 mm glazed porcelain tiles expose a large surface area with fewer grout lines, giving it a seamless look. They are very hard-wearing and resistant to added moisture, stains, and scratches.


These sugar-finish tiles are an excellent option for floor and wall decor, reflecting versatility and style. The unique texture factor, along with its durable and low maintenance cost, makes it suitable for all kinds of uses. Many pros come with the 600 x 1200 mm glazed porcelain tiles, such as a seamless look and high durability. Be it a refinement or complete renovation of your house, or the design of a commercial space, sugar finish tile is sure to add that X-factor of elegance and refined style to it.

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