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Buy Outdoor Ceramic Wall Tiles At Best Price



Warmly welcome to the outdoor ceramic tiles’ world invented by Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.! In this place, quality is guarded by affordability that makes your outdoor projects unbeatable in experience. Wintel is a well-known name in the industry and the custodian of quality. It is no wonder that this one-stop shop provides clients with exemplary services at a price they can afford.

In this blog post, you will take a walk through the Wintel amazing collections consisting of beautiful designs meant to make your outdoor spaces your refuges away from the city. From the timeless beauty of Spanish Collection to the contemporary style of Arc Collection 2021 and the enduring classic of Stonehenge Collection 2022, you will find something to match every kind of taste.

Explore Glazed Ceramic Tiles Collection

Let's go on the journey to unearth the best price without comprising the quality, as we begin to walk into the world of outdoor ceramic wall tiles with Wintel.

Superiority of Wintel Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.

Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is the unparalleled champion in building external ceramic wall tiles which gives the firm a rise above the rest. Wintel, with its state-of-the-art factory equipped with modern machines and its worldwide network, outdoes the quality at no cost.

Buy Outdoor Ceramic Wall Tiles at Best Price

Consistent high-quality tiles at the most competitive price are what separates them in the market. Every tile represents the top-class precision of production and commitment to quality. Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is not only a sales outlet of tiles; it is a pledge of a good quality, longevity, and affordability.

Therefore, if you are a nature-lover that is on a budget but still need the quality, then the Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is the last chance for you in this regard. Buy high-quality ceramic outdoor wall tiles at unbeatable prices and beautify your outdoor spaces carefree.

Explore the Collections

The longing for quality in outdoor wall tiles at Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. gets manifested in their ranging collection that boasts qualities that on their own make each item special and unique.

A. Spanish Collection

-> Basking in the ubiquitous rays of the Mediterranean sun, Spanish popular forms conspire in a tranquil union unparalleled in their effortless and lasting beauty.

-> Besides their details, patterns and in-tune with world culture colors, these tiles make the outdoor spaces to look like the old-world beauty and sophistication.

B. 2021 Arc – Grenic

-> Feel yourself like a real game technologist of the future generation in Arc Grenic 2021 collection that harmoniously combines sharp curves and inventive discoveries.

-> Suited to both the people who want to adopt a modern tone and ones who investigate new solutions in order to give a new look to their outdoor style, these tiles integrate an exclusivity leading accent into modern aesthetics.

C. Stonehenge Collection 2022

-> Evolve and change along with the Stonehenge Collection 2022, in which the natural appeal is embodied alongside the forever beauty.

-> The inspiration is nature; it is that overwhelming grandeur or cascading waterfalls just waiting to bring peace and harmonious atmosphere to natural worlds.

Whether you are building a patio, a swimming pool, or a public space, the collections of Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. will offer you the most stylish, durable, and affordable choice for a perfect finishing of your outdoor works.

Specifications and Options

Buy Outdoor Ceramic Wall Tiles at Best Price

Tile Size: Wintel Ceramic is the Pvt Ltd. that comes with outdoor ceramic wall tile in a practical size of (300 x 600 mm) that enhances ready application as well as simplifies installation processes.

Finish: The glazed finish of this tiles exhibits a buckle, and these tiles are strong because on the top, which makes it is wearable outside as well as it is resistant to bad weather conditions.

Variety of Patterns and Designs: Discover wide range of trendy items with club's collection from traditional to modern prints. Whether it's a timeless classic or modern allure you are looking for, you are surely to find a style for you whatever your preference.

Customization: Furthermore, Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. provides customization options, which enables the customers to adjust the laying of outdoor ceramic tiles fitting their specific project, giving their space a unique and customized appearance.

Reasons why to Choose Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.

Unbeatable Quality: Wintel ceramic Ltd takes pride in its unmarred production of high-quality tiles in every production it offers. Whether it is the Spanish Collection, the 2021 Arc Collection or Grenic, or the Stonehenge Collection 2022, every piece has been made with utmost attention to detail to ensure the durability and longevity of the product.

Buy Outdoor Ceramic Wall Tiles at Best Price

Competitive Pricing: Despite this Wintel never plays a price game unfairly with setting standards for quality so high. 

Customer Satisfaction: Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. values customers paramount as their priority. From first solicitation to the final pleasant support by dedicated staff, the team will be responsible for smooth journey for every buyer.

Global Recognition: With a rapidly growing market as well as the support network extending towards the far ends of the world as Wintel has grown and gained recognition for their high-quality products and excellent service standards, Wintel consolidates its position as one of the leaders of the world.

Assured Reliability: When you are with Wintel, you are not purchasing just tiles, you are buying a peace of mind that comes with reliability. 


Wintel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is undoubtedly the number one name in the industry when it comes to putting a twist of elegance in outdoor areas.

Wintel guarantees that every project is an original work of art by providing outdoor ceramic wall tiles of the highest caliber at the most competitive price. Wintel provides a wide selection to accommodate every aesthetic style, from the classic beauty of the Spanish Collection to the chic appeal of the Arc Collection Grenic in 2021 and the elegance of the Stonehenge Collection in 2022. 

Clients may feel secure knowing that they are getting unmatched value for their money in addition to investing in superior products. So why hold off? 

Explore the world of outdoor ceramic wall tiles with Wintel to bring new levels of beauty and practicality to your outdoor areas.

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