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600 X 1200 MM Glazed Porcelain Tile Manufacturer In India


Welcome to the world of Wintel, from where you will receive premium quality 600 x 1200 mm tiles beside you. We have been established by a group of well-trained and experienced people, who have set landmarks in their fields. 

Our 600 x 1200 mm floor tiles are suitable for multiple uses. Our team consists of ceramic tiles manufacturers, importers and exporters, industrial ceramic manufacturers and more, ready to present top-notch quality 600 x 1200 glazed Tiles to you.

Our 600 x 1200 glazed porcelain tiles are made using the best raw materials to let the products last the longest. Our 600 x 1200 tiles, once installed, are designed to last the longest.

Thanks to our leading manufacturer and exporter in India, now you will receive top-quality glazed tile and even some 600 x 1200 mm wall tiles to help decorate your available space. We have divided our services under 2x4 floor tiles, 60x120 cm floor tiles, 24 x 48 inch floor tiles and more. 

Once you have joined hands with our team for 2x4 ft floor tiles, there is no looking back. You can give us a call at +91 99099 72228 or email us at [email protected] for proven items.

We Are a Leading manufacturer of 600 x 1200mm glazed porcelain tiles:

Even though the competition is pretty tough, but that doesn’t prevent us from being the leading manufacturer of the 600 x 1200mm glazed porcelain tiles. The uses of these tiles are widely seen in multiple commercial and residential sections and it varies in style, shape, sizes and the glazed texture.

  • Glazed porcelain tiles are the most commonly used type over here.

  • Glazing is targeted as a procedure where a glaze or coating is applied to ceramic ware, which mostly consists of vitrified lead glass and sometimes with colored oxides to produce that opaque surface.

  • The tiles can either be translucent, clear, glossy or matte, based on how much of that marble is covered by the glaze.

  • These glazed porcelain tiles are now available in different shapes, sizes and colors. 

  • They can be installed on walls, floors or any possible flat surfaces without worrying about cracking them like the ceramic ones. 

  • It is because of the extreme high resistance of porcelain tiles against breaking.

However, you must know that the porcelain tiles can be a bit sensitive towards the extreme changes in cold and heat. It might cause them to crack but only with repeated exposure.

Our Collection of Glazed Porcelain Tiles with different sizes:

We have divided our collection of glazed porcelain tiles under multiple sizes. Listed below are some of the options you can give out a try. Depending on the available space and the price point, the sizes are subject to vary quite a bit. 

1. 300 x 600 mm:

We will be using the best material quality for manufacturing 300 x 600 mm tiles. The materials are vitrified and will offer the finest glaze you have asked for.

2. 600 x 600 mm:

600x600 mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Here, the thickness of the tiles are subject to vary a lot and will differ from the ones already mentioned within this list. Once you have chosen a box, there are multiple pieces available for you to give out a try.

3. 800 x 800 mm:

800 x 800 glazed porcelain tiles

If you are looking for polished porcelain tiles for walls and floors in an average size range, then 800 x 800 mm is always a preferred choice from our side and will surely match most of your residential and commercial needs.

4. 800 x 1600 mm:

800x1600 mm glazed porcelain tiles

The biggest size of the lot has to be this one, but that won’t compromise on the quality of the porcelain tiles from our side. These tiles are suitable to cover larger spaces and will be the priciest among the lot.

Our Collection of 600 x 1200 mm Glazed Porcelain Tiles with different finishes:

Whenever the matter revolves around glazed porcelain tiles, we have different finishes for you to address over here. With so many lucrative options, you get to choose whichever one seems to be your perfect match. Depending on the finish you have chosen, the rates are also going to differ a lot.

  • You have the baby satin version, available within the 600 x 1200mm mark. This collection is designed for spaces, which are built to be extraordinary. It is giving creativity a new uplift all the way through.

  • Then you have the Bookmatch finish, which is another flawless example of the glazed porcelain tiles from our side.

  • The third one in the list is going to be the Decore Series Glossy one. It helps to give your spaces some life and the designs will surely turn your doubts into decisions. This design is perfect for adding that grand and lavish style to the available space.

Some of the other options you can give out a try over here are Decore Series under Matte version, 600 x 1200mm glossy, high glossy finish, Matte carving, Matte Punch, Simple Matt and so much more. 

What are the benefits of choosing us?

With competition at such a higher scale, have you ever thought why you can choose us at Wintel Group for the finest collection of porcelain tiles? We have been the leading tile manufacturer, importer and exporter, with years of experience working in this field. So, you can always expect to get premium quality help from our side always!

  • Our tiles are known to have waterproof surfaces, which will make the tiles free from any water related issues.

  • Furthermore, our tiles are also chemical resistant. So, even if you accidentally spill some chemicals, that won’t hamper the look of the tiles anymore.

  • Some of the other features of our tiles are frost resistance, light in weight and resistance to fire and heat. 

All these features clearly prove why choosing us is your best choice when it comes to porcelain tiles in 600 x 1200mm size. We are just a call away! For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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