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600 X 1200 Full Body Tiles Manufacturer In India


One of the most popular tiling solutions of the modern age is full body tiles. Full body porcelain tiles or full body ceramic tiles are prepared in a way that increases their toughness and damage resistance. These tiling solutions are the finest choice for your patio, backyard, restrooms, and poolside because neither their color nor polish is harmed by sunshine.

These full body floor tiles, which come in multiple colors, are a terrific option for enhancing the beauty of an already magnificent residence.At Wintel Vitrified, we are a specialist in the full body tiles segment and one of the most reputed names in the Indian tiles industry.

We are the Best Manufacturer of Full Body Tiles in India

We at Wintel Ceramic Pvt Ltd. are committed to providing the finest customer experience possible. We provide a vast range of full body tiles 2x4 floor tiles options for living spaces, outside walls, external cladding, and other places as well. We manufacture and create our full body tiles design featuring premium graphics and excellent style innovations.

Every 24 x 48 inch floor tiles raw materials are of the finest and superior quality rendering our tiles to be more durable, and long-lasting and enabling them to retain their original sheen after several decades of being used. We employ skilled workers, innovative utilisation of leading production techniques, and a world-class manufacturing plant to produce our tiles including the 600 x 1200 mm full body tiles.

We are a well-known full body tiles manufacturer in India because of the factory's contemporary technology and ability to deliver the best world-class goods to all corners of the globe.

600 x 1200 full-body tiles are available in a variety of finishes

We offer the widest variety of full body 60x120 cm floor tiles in the country, our collection includes primarily 3 varieties of finishes -

1. Matt

600 x 1200 Full Body Tiles Manufacturer in India Matt

The full body tile with a matt surface is durable and can serve you for many decades. These 600 x 1200 tiles may be used in a variety of locations, including lobbies, guestrooms, dining areas, restrooms, institutions, cafes, etc.

Additionally, the full body 24 x 48 inch floor tiles can be cleaned clean and need little upkeep because of their simple-to-clean surfaces. In addition to giving the tile a natural appearance, the matte coating serves to improve resistance between the feet and the surface, rendering the tile more slip resistant.

2. Polished

600 x 1200 Full Body Tiles Manufacturer in India Ploished

They have been meticulously designed, and their glossy surface adds to the space's opulent atmosphere. Due to these tiles’ full body composition, they are incredibly robust and perfect for heavy-traffic locations. They are also low-maintenance tiles that are simple to wash. They are designed to enhance the appearance of your area for many decades to follow.

3. Stone


As the name suggests, the stone finish full body 2x4 ft floor tiles have a natural stone texture making them perfect for a rustic ambiance. They transform the whole environment of any space to make it more natural and provide a great feel underneath the feet as well. These 2x4 floor tiles feel more natural and yet are the perfect addition for a patio, hallway, lounge area, and other similar spaces.

Full Body tiles are also available in 600 x 1200 sizes

Apart from the 600 x 1200 sizes, at Wintel Vitrified, we offer a wide selection of sizes that includes 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 1600 mm, and 300 x 1200 mm sizes in our full body tiles range. The different sizes also ensure that the full body tiles’ design can be incorporated into any imaginable space, without limits and seamlessly. Be it commercial or residential, the full body tiles in our collection are perfect for all kinds of usage and loaded with features to support its selection.

600 x 1200 Full Body Tiles – A Perfect Choice.

1. Why Choose 600 x 1200 Full Body Tiles

For living spaces, outdoor spaces, and high-traffic areas, full body tiles are a fantastic option. Full body tiles may substantially improve the appearance of your flooring while also giving your areas a unified, elegant, and spotless appearance. They are simple to install and do not necessitate a lot of upkeep or periodic waxing. Wintel Vitrified's full body tiles are incredibly durable and effective since they are made with the best raw components and cutting-edge Italian technology. Our tiles are a fantastic fit for any location because of their durable construction and excellent performance.

2. The Benefits of 600 x 1200 Full Body Tiles

The many benefits of 600 x 1200 mm full body tiles include the following:

1. They are extremely durable, sturdy, and long-lasting

2. As a full body floor tiles they guarantee a uniform color throughout their body and surface

3. These full body ceramic tiles are scratch resistant as well as resistant to stain.

4. The 2x4 ft floor tiles structure makes them acid and chemical resistant

5. Full body porcelain is slip resistant

How to Choose the Right 600 x 1200 Full Body Tile?

1. Consider the tile's durability

Durability is one of the major factors to consider when choosing full body 600 x 1200 tiles. Buying from a trusted brand will assure that a superior quality full body tile is being bought and hence you can rest assured.

2. Consider the tile's aesthetic appeal

The tiles’ full body composition, by default, renders it an even and consistent look. The aesthetic appeal is a crucial point to keep in mind when you’re buying full body tiles since they have a wide variety of options.

3. Consider the tile's slip resistance.

Buying a full body tile for a commercial area or a living space, or an area where you need some traction beneath your feet, good quality full body tiles will always provide slip resistance and hence you must ensure that you are investing in such a tile.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Our product’s quality, strength, long-lasting ability, and consistent design and patterns have earned us many customers over the years. However, it is our commitment, the dedication to constantly evolve as a brand that has made us achieve all that. We have been able to identify new challenges and trends and have come up with a solution or a newer innovation to keep us a notch above our competitors. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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