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300 X 450 White Glazed Ceramic Tile Manufcaturer


6 Factors to Consider While Looking for White Glazed Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer

Ceramic tiles have become a sensation among new home builders. And why not? Visit the website of the top 300 x 450 white-glazed Ceramic Tile Manufacturer like Wintel, and you will know about the wide range of exclusive designs and colors available in the market. 

A popular choice of White Glazed Ceramic Tiles

The white glazed tiles have become one of the most popular choices of home builders and property owners. But if you are still unsure of what is a glazed tile, let us explain vividly. It is not about finding shiny or glossy tile. The term refers to ceramic tiles that will bear a liquid glass or enamel coating. So, the glaze is basically a substance and not some description of the feature.

Features of the Glazed tiles

Several features distinguish the state of the glazed and unglazed tiles.

  • --> We apply a coating of liquid glass on the tiles at a very high temperature. And the process happens inside a kiln.

  • --> Wintel loves to apply the inkjet print g technology to develop myriad colors and finishes on the tiles apart from the different textures and styling.

  • --> As the glass is non-porous, it won't absorb any liquid.

  • --> The density is, however, low.

  • --> Slip resistance is lower than the unglazed formats.

This time, when you are preparing to buy tiles online, make sure that you know the distinctions between the glazed and unglazed formats. Wintel brings to you the crucial tips for having your checklist ready as you embark on selecting from the glazed ceramic tiling options.

Factor #1: Consider the aesthetics of the space

When looking for the tiles. Remember that you have to consider the aesthetics of the space. For instance, if you plan to have modern décor in the rooms, then installing unglazed tiles can ruin the look.

Go for the glazed tiles from the best tile brands in India that will make the area look more spacious. The glazed surfaces will reflect more light. As a result, the space will appear clutter-free. A lot of research is necessary to determine the top brands of the country for buying the good- quality tiles.

Factor #2: The expanse of the space

Are you planning to remodel the house? Then look at the expanse of the space available. Suppose, you want to make the small bathroom appear more spacious. The selection of small ceramic tiles won't do justice to the space.

Wintel is the leading 300 x 450 white glazed Ceramic Tile Manufacturer in the industry. We will showcase a wide range of options for the tiles that will enhance the appearance of the bathroom or other spaces. You can try installing medium-sized ceramic tiles for even the balconies and storerooms to make the areas look bigger. 

Factor #3: Shades of grout colors

We use a paste for filling the linear grids or gaps between the ceramic tiles. These gaps are called grouts. You should remember to choose such a color for the grout that will serve as a contrast to the color of the ceramic tiles. The choice of grout colors will help you to make the tiles appear more charming than ever. We can also help you to settle for minimal and even flooring by selecting the same color tons for the grouts as you choose for the tiles. 

Factor #4: Patterns and textures

Wintel is the leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in the industry. And we have successfully created some stunning textures and patterns on the glazed tiles. Although we have equally interesting patterns and designs on the unglazed versions, the appearance of the glazed tiles may outshine them in some cases.

Just let us know the type of ambiance you want to create or the vibe you want to introduce. We can make the best plans to make your home look bright and enticing. As the glazed tiles are easy to clean, we can proudly showcase an endless list of options as the ceramic tiles manufacturer in India.

Factor #5: Cost-effective option

Have you been through the price list of the glazed tiles? If you do, you will realize that we are offering the tiles at affordable pricing. We are digitally printing the designs on the tiles. So, the accuracy and perfection of the prints are excellent. The White glazed ceramic tiles price is lesser than that of porcelain tiles. But there is no compromise in the quality of the product. We make sure to produce only top-class tiles that will serve your purpose decently over the years.

Factor #6: Durability

One of the primary things that customers always inquire before investing in tiles is the durability of the tiles. We are glad to share that the tiles we have sold so far continue to serve the clients equally well for years. So, when you check the ceramic glazed tiles price list, do keep in mind that you don’t need to repair or replace them any soon. As we concentrate on the quality of the product, we maintain the standard pricing that allows us to ensure quality consistency.

Invest in quality products

As you will start going through the websites of different tiles manufacturers, you will see that the differences in the designs and makes are considerable. Wintel is a premium manufacturer in the industry. As we have gained our reputation through honest and sincere work, we make sure that we don’t put our reputation at risk with any small glitch in the manufacturing process.

That is why we are continuously upgrading our technological inputs to maintain the pace with advanced technologies. It helps us to create magic via the tiles. Being the leading 300 x 450 white glazed Ceramic Tile manufacturer, we are glad to announce that we are coming up with more designs and variations in the glazed tiles section. 

If you really want to make something unique at your home, do discuss your plans with us. We can suggest the best options for your home or commercial space. For more information, contact us @ +91 99099 72228 or email us [email protected].

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