EXPO CIHAC 2023 is set to be an exciting and highly anticipated event taking place from October 11th to October 13th, 2023, at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City, Mexico. As one of the leading construction and housing expos in the region, this event brings together professionals, experts, and industry leaders from Mexico, Canada, and beyond. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and the latest trends in the construction sector, EXPO CIHAC 2023 promises to be a hub of knowledge, networking, and business opportunities.

Centro Banamex serves as the perfect venue for this grand event, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and ample space to accommodate the numerous exhibitors, attendees, and interactive displays. The expo floor will be filled with a wide array of exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products, materials, and technologies related to construction, architecture, design, and housing. From sustainable building practices to smart home solutions, visitors can expect to explore a comprehensive range of offerings that cater to the evolving needs of the industry.

One of the highlights of EXPO CIHAC 2023 will be the series of informative conferences and seminars led by renowned experts and thought leaders. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend sessions covering diverse topics such as urban development, sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and digital transformation in the construction industry. These educational sessions will not only provide valuable insights but also foster meaningful discussions and encourage the exchange of ideas among professionals.

Furthermore, EXPO CIHAC 2023 offers a unique platform for networking and business collaborations. The event attracts a diverse audience, including architects, engineers, contractors, developers, suppliers, and government officials, creating an ideal environment for establishing new contacts and partnerships. Whether you are a professional seeking to expand your network or a company looking to showcase your products and services, this event provides a prime opportunity to connect with industry stakeholders and explore potential avenues for growth.

In summary, EXPO CIHAC 2023 is set to be an exceptional event that brings together the construction and housing industry in Mexico and Canada. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and knowledge sharing, the expo offers a comprehensive experience for professionals and businesses alike. Attendees can expect to discover the latest advancements, engage in insightful discussions, and forge valuable connections that will shape the future of the construction sector. Whether you are an industry insider or simply interested in the field, EXPO CIHAC 2023 is a must-visit event that promises to inspire and drive progress in the construction and housing industry.


Date : October 11th to October 13th, 2023

Venue: Centro Banamex in Mexico City


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